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M Y  S T O R Y

J E N N Y  V O G E L

From Sweden to South Africa

I was born and bred in Sweden. My husband Alexander and I moved to Cape Town 2015 where my husband was born. We settled in Noordhoek on the west coast of the South Peninsula. The move gave me the opportunity to bring my horses and my passion for Academic Art of Riding to South Africa. 

I have a personal philosophy which I base my teaching on. I stay very true to what I do and what I teach to create an honest and authentic reflection in the relationship with the horse.

I have been a student of Bent Branderup for many years. I drove down to Denmark together with my horse to be a week student the first time in 2004. I have been a member of the Knighthood since 2006. I am a licensed Bent Branderup®️Trainer since 2017. Hanna Engström has been my mentor and trainer since more than 20 years and I am so grateful for all the seat training we have done over the years.

I have a MSc. Engineering in Materials and Naval Architecture. One of my passions is biomechanics, since I studied at university. Now I base my teaching on a combination of schooling the rider's feeling in combination with the understanding of the biomechanics.

       M Y  P H I L O S O P H Y   I S

                                        L E S S  I S  M O R E

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